Youth Academy

Youth Summer Camps Just Added!  Ages 10-16 July 30-August 3rd 9:00-12:00. Email us if you have questions. 

July Summer Camp link to purchase:

*** Our youth academy will be starting back in September.  Classes will meet Saturdays at 11am!  We are taking new dancers!  Registration is $25.00 and classes will meet weekly!  Monthly tuition is $55.00 per month.  Contact us to register! ***

Ballroom dance teaches children skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. It not only teaches kids the art of movement, but also, essential social and personal skills, such as respect for the opposite gender, self discipline, teamwork and self


motivation.  In addition to all the benefits dancing provides it is also a fun and engaging way for children to keep healthy, both physically and mentally, while building confidence.

If you have a child interested in the youth academy please email us for more information.

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